Benefits of joining the progressive IAC® coaching organization


Beyond the obvious benefits that come with being part of a community of leading and forward-thinking coaches, there are additional tangible and intangible benefits that come with membership.

This is a lengthy list of benefits, but it will never be complete. Members and Board of Governors Members are always in search of new, relevant resources, tools, and services that serve the membership.

  • Show your commitment to the coaching profession and to the integration of coaching in other professions
  • Prove your integrity by pledging to abide by the IAC® Ethical Principles and Code of Ethics.
  • Apply to become an IAC® Masteries Practitioner, on your way to Certification.
  • Apply for certification as a Certified Masteries Coach or Master Masteries Coach
  • Retain status, once you have achieved it, upon completion of annual Masteries Professional Development Plan and maintenance of annual membership fee
  • List your name, credentials and contact details in our Find a Coach Directory
  • To know more about benefits and discounts offered to IAC members, kindly login to your Member Dashboard and check "Member Privileges" that are announced by IAC.
  • Join or start a local IAC® Chapter, to practice with other coaches and support coaching development
  • Connect with other experienced coaches worldwide, learn and develop your leadership and communication skills, in a supportive community of coaches through volunteer opportunities with the IAC
  • Work together to promote the profession and practice of coaching by volunteering with the IAC® (login to the IAC® members area to see the  volunteer opportunity)
  • Get professional sales and marketing help with guaranteed results, designed exclusively for IAC Members only
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