Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my recordings are more than 45 minutes long?

The certifiers score based on the thirty minutes from when the session begins (after the coach states their information and the waiver is agreed upon by the client), until the 45 minute mark. There are cases where the coach will request that certifiers do not begin listening until a certain point in the recording (for instance, “please ask the certifiers to begin at the 12 minute mark of the recording”). In that case the 45 minutes would begin from that point.

What if my recordings are less than 45 minutes long?

The requirement is that the coach demonstrates the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries® within 45 minutes, so a recording less than 45 minutes is acceptable.

How will I know if my recordings are good enough to submit?

First, make sure you have read and meet the guidelines. One powerful tool for self-evaluating your readiness is to record as many of your sessions as you can, and review them yourself. This is a great tool for your continual improvement. The Masteries notesheet, ebook, and feedback guide for scoring yourself will help you get more comfortable with assessing and improving your coaching.

What are my options for developing coaching mastery? Is there a recommended path?

Although the hallmark of the IAC® is honoring coaches for their unique approaches to learning, and recognizing that each coach comes to coaching with a variety of experiences, we do have a recommended path that can help all coaches grow and improve their coaching skills. The first step is to design a Masteries Professional Development Plan (MPDP) as a tool for planning and assessing your progress. Working with a MPDP Coach will help you clarify your path, and help you utilize the available resources to support and improve your coaching skill.

Why is there a written exam and a recorded exam? If I know the material, wouldn’t my written test show that?

The written test is a great measure of how well a coach understands the theory and conceptual application of the Masteries. In a coaching session you demonstrate your ability to use and apply the Masteries.

How do I choose a mentor coach or coaching school to help me become an IAC® certified coach?

  • Carefully research mentors and schools. The IAC® does not check, assess or credential the methods or results from any of the Licensees.
  • Consider testimonials and interview current and former students.
  • Check that mentors or schools have a good understanding of the IAC Certification™ process, preferably through personal experience.
  • Hire only official Licensees. It is illegal to use IAC Coaching Masteries® for commercial purposes without a license. All licensees are listed under Licensing Agreement and Payment.
  • Inquire about the trainers’ own coach training background and certification credentials.
  • Ask for IAC Certification™ success rate.
  • Be aware that IAC® Licensees are not permitted to assess whether coaching recordings you intend to submit for certification are likely to pass. Rather, they will teach you to understand the requirements of masterful coaching, offer you their own methods for evaluating and scoring recordings, and teach you to assess your own and others’ recordings.
  • Outside support is neither necessary nor required to achieve IAC Certification™. However, support from IAC® licensed mentors, coach trainers or training schools, or participation in study groups is recommended to enhance your learning and increase your chances of success.

Learn more about choosing a coaching school.

How do the IAC® Certifiers assess the recordings?

  • The IAC® has a comprehensive and detailed scoring methodology for determining whether or not applicants’ recordings will pass. This methodology was tested for internal consistency prior to its application, and certifiers are thoroughly trained to ensure fair and consistent scoring.
  • Two certifiers independently review each submission. Each certifier listens to the recording twice – once to hear the overall energy, tone and results of the session, and the second time to score each Mastery.
  • Once each certifier has prepared their individual scores, they meet and come to a consensus on their scores. If necessary, they will again review the recording independently or jointly, or ask a third Certifier for their opinion.
  • Certifiers only assess coaches with whom they do not have a personal relationship.

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