Understanding the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries® and being able to apply them appropriately in a live coaching session can be best achieved through study, practice, self- and colleague-feedback, and integrating the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries®into your life and business.

Coach Training

There are hundreds of coaching schools worldwide available to educate and train new coaches. Their offerings can range from a single weekend to 24-month programs. Some schools are industry-accredited or affiliated with coaching associations; some are not. Some programs teach general life coaching skills; others focus on a particular coaching niche or specialty. With all these choices, it’s challenging for beginning coaches to determine which school is the best fit.

Checklist to choose the right coach training for you

Look for a school or program that:

  • Has a curriculum based on the 9 IAC Coaching Masteries, the IAC Ethical Principles and the IAC Code of Ethics
  • Offers industry-accepted certification or other measurement to ensure graduates have accomplished adequate learning and skills mastery from the program
  • Provides ample opportunity for students to practice and receive direct feedback on their coaching skills
  • Is facilitated by trainers who have demonstrated coaching mastery through their own education, certification and professional experience
  • Offers the opportunity to “test-drive” the program through a free orientation, curriculum outline, discussion with the trainer(s), and/or graduate references

Licensed Schools

While the IAC® does not and cannot endorse any particular coaching school or program, several coaching schools and mentors are licensed to use our IAC Coaching Masteries® as part of their curriculum and training methodology.

Here are some additional factors to consider as you research coaching schools:

  • Do you prefer in-person training or a virtual (teleclass/webinar) program?
  • Do you want general coaching skills or more specialized training?
  • What are the pre-qualifications for admission, if any?
  • Does the class size align with your preferred learning style?
  • What kind of ongoing or follow-up support does the program offer?
  • Does the program teach marketing and business development in addition to coaching skills?
  • What is the success rate of program graduates?